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Terms of Service


  • By using this service, you consent to to be bound by these conditions.
  • Just one account is permitted per IP address, family or individual.
  • ViewGrip holds the right to terminate an account if we imagine a breach of our Terms of Service without warning.

Cash and minutes percentages

  • You're not permitted to bring in minutes or cash percentages with whom you've shared the same IP address from a referral, Payza or PayPal account.
  • ViewGrip holds the right to revoke minutes and cash commissions at its sole discretion, at any time.


  • ViewGrip cannot be held liable for any content shown through the Traffic Exchange system.
  • Mature sites may not be encouraged through the Traffic Exchange system.


  • ViewGrip cannot be held liable for any damage that may be caused indirectly or directly by using this service.

ViewGrip Viewer

  • The ViewGrip Viewer program may transmit information, including personally identifying information, back to the servers of ViewGrip.
  • The advice is only going to be used for the use of enhancing the ViewGrip Viewer program.

Your Earnings

  • Currently you can earn money through referral programs or bonus every 10,000 views, but this time your revenue can only be used to purchase services in ViewGrip. Hopefully in the future of your income can be transferred to your bank account.

Guarantees about your results

  • ViewGrip will not provide any guarantees about results with 3rd party services.
  • For instance, ViewGrip makes no guarantees about the amount of hits which is filed on 3rd party sites (e.g. YouTube).


  • ViewGrip holds the right to keep all the information associated with your account after you delete your account.

Refund policy

  • We always provide the best service for you, in terms of purchasing products in any form on this site there are no refunds.
  • Refund policy does not apply for any reason, except viewgrip server can not be accessed for 1 week.
  • ViewGrip holds the right to deny a refund if the service has been largely used up, or if there is reasonable suspicion of fraud.